September 8th-10th

September 8th-10th, 2023



* All trucks and the Pigeon Rat need to be full of fuel, have all food and drinks ready to go at the leave time. There will not be an option for stopping for supplies on the way to the trail.

Friday, Sept 9th

  • Steel Bender
  • Shafer Switchbacks
    • Departs: 9:00 AM
    • Meeting Place: Old City Park.
    • Difficulty: 3
    • Description: Expect 20 miles
  • The Pickle
  • BBQ & Raffle
    • Starts: 6:00 PM (Dinner is served at 6. Advised to show up 5-5:30)
    • Meeting Place: Old City Park.
    • Difficulty: 0
    • Description: Super fun with yummy stuff to eat.

Saturday, Sept 10th

Sunday, Sept 12th


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