September 7th-9th

September 9th-11th, 2022



After the sudden passing of Jason Payne in August 2007, some of his friends within the website community wished to begin a yearly award in his honor. Jason was a regular attendee of the Blazer Bash event from its beginning so it was only fitting to honor his memory with a trophy presented each year at Blazer Bash. Jeff Perkins out of Las Vegas, Nevada spearheaded the project by designing and assembling the trophy.

Jason was always modifying and improving his truck, with a new, innovative project in planning at all times. The Jason Payne Innovative Truck Trophy is meant to honor that progressive wheeling spirit in others. Each year, at Blazer Bash in Moab, Utah, the participants vote for the vehicle they feel most embodies an “innovative” truck. The traveling trophy returns each year to Blazer Bash to begin a new year with another innovative truck and owner.


Past and current Winners