September 7th-9th

September 6th-8th, 2019



I only have a stock K5/Suburban/Pickup (or insert any other stock 4x4 vehicle type); can I still run trails at Blazer Bash?

We offer easy trail runs that can be done by almost any stock 4x4 vehicle. Many of the more challenging trails can be completed without sustaining body damage. You can always come to the Offroad Design BBQ and find a seat to ride in on one of the more difficult runs in the days following the BBQ. Maybe youíll be lucky enough to win something in the raffle at the BBQ that will help you build your rig to the next level so you can run even more challenging trails.

Where can I camp or stay the night?

There is not an official campground or hotel for Blazer Bash. There are numerous accommodations available in and around Moab and many different locations are utilized by Blazer Bash attendees. The cheapest option is to camp in one of the campgrounds. If you want something a little nicer, many campgrounds have cabins with beds, AC, refrigerator, and microwave. Hotel rooms range from $75 to $145 per night. There is also primitive camping available on Bureau of Land Management land in many areas. For example there are campsites west of Moab on Kane Creek Boulevard. You can check the Blazer Bash forum on and Facebook to see where people are staying.

Where are the Blazer Bash discussions and pictures posted on the Internet?

The primary location for discussions and pictures is the Blazer Bash forum on ( There is also a page on Facebook for Blazer Bash (

Who organizes Blazer Bash?

The event was started by Steve Fox, owner and administrator of, as an opportunity for ColoradoK5 members and fullsize GM enthusiasts to get together and run trails and socialize. In 2007, Scott Riley and his wife Nicole began helping Steve organize the event as it became too large for one person to do. There are a number of additional volunteers helping with the event every year. The event is run completely on volunteer help and no one receives financial gain from Blazer Bash. The event is insured and permitted under a non-profit corporation called Trail Productions, Inc.

Do I have to pay for the BBQ Friday night?

No. All registered drivers and passengers are invited as well as their passengers and guests that have not registered. We only ask that you give us a head count when you register so we know how many people will be fed. This is the Offroad Design BBQ and the company has generously donated all the food and volunteered their time to prepare and cook it all. They even supply plates and utensils. Thanks to Offroad Design, the BBQ has become a big highlight of the event.

Why do I have to pay to attend Blazer Bash?

Any gathering of more than 25 people on the Moab area Bureau of Land Management (BLM) territory is required to procure a Special Recreation Permit (SRP). This permit has a minimum fee of $95. Within 30 days following the event we are required to submit a post event report in which the final permit fees are assessed. The final fee is based on a cost of $5 per day per person. For example; a K5 with a driver, passenger, and 2 kids in the backseat that drive on 3 event sponsored trail runs will cost the event $60.

In addition, many of the trails cross land owned by the State of Utah School & Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA). Blazer Bash is required to procure a Right of Entry for these trails with a minimum fee of $300. A post event report is filed within 30 days following the event and a final fee is assessed based on $4 per day per person. Using the same example as above, the fee for the K5 with passengers would be $48.

The BLM and SITLA permits require the event to carry liability insurance listing them as co-insured. Insurance fees are approximately $1400, but continue to rise each year.
We are fortunate to have sponsors that provide cash contributions to help mitigate the fees listed above. In addition, all raffle ticket sales are used to help cover operational expenses. The event is run as a non-profit venture and none of the organizers or volunteers receive financial compensation. Within the 30 days following the event after all permit fees are paid, the Blazer Bash event has very minimal funds left in the bank account.

What is the refund policy for Blazer Bash registration and shirt sales?

Blazer Bash refund policy: $35 of each registration fee is nonrefundable. No refunds will be issued after September 1st. All apparel sales are nonrefundable after August 15th. All refunds are subject to PayPal transaction fees.

Why is there a nonrefundable portion of the registration fee? / Why canít I receive a refund after September 1st?

There are a few fixed costs for the event. These include liability insurance and minimum permit fees for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and State of Utah School & Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA). We also pay a park reservation fee and damage deposit for the BBQ location. All of these costs plus some general administrative costs total approximately $2000. The nonrefundable portion of the registration fee is based on covering the fixed costs given the typical number of registrations received in past years.

After September 1st, decisions to purchase additional items are made based on the registrations received and our ability to pay the fixed costs and final permit fees. Issuing refunds after September 1st would adversely affect our ability to pay the final permit fees.

Why do I have to pay for a day at AreaBFE?

After the event we use a portion of the registration fees to make a donation to the owners of AreaBFE as thank you for the use of the area. For more information on AreaBFE, please refer to their website:

Why are the apparel purchases nonrefundable after August 15th? / Why donít you offer apparel for sale at the event?

Blazer Bash is run on a very tight budget. We do not have surplus funds to cover the cost of apparel that is not purchased by the attendees. We place our apparel order shortly after August 15th to give the printer sufficient time to complete the order before the event. The order is based on the amount of apparel purchased through registrations plus 1 or 2 extra item of each size to cover a few new registrations that may come in after August 15th.