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September 9th-11th, 2022



BB15: September 11-13, 2015 
Special thanks to our event sponsors and donors! 
PREMIER PARTNERS Steve Fox started it all in 2002 and continues to host and the Blazer Bash open discussion forum on the website. We always appreciate everything he does to keep the event going. 

DIY4x: Provided items for the raffle (below) and a large cash donation to help cover event costs. 

Offroad Design: The ORD crew prepared and served all the food at this yearís BBQ including homemade brownies for dessert. In addition, they provided numerous door prize/swag items and helped get people back to camp after a difficult day on the trail. 

Rockstar Kustomz: 
Smittybilt XRC8 winch 8000lbs 

Suburban/K5 gas tank skid plate 

Big Horn Graphics: Donated all of the printed material used for the event including the vendor stickers in the registration packets, event stickers, BBQ banner, and trail run handouts. 

Blazer Bash: 3 zipper hoodie sweatshirts 10 shirts, 30 stickers 

DIY4x: XD tube doors 

JB Cust Fab: 5 shirts, NP205 stainless twin stick 

Jegs: 24 hats, stickers, and goodies bags 

Lawrence Carlock: 8 CK5 Dante's Peak Suburban koozies, 4 iPhone Mickey Thompson tire tread cases, and 4 Mickey Thompson hats 

Offroad Design: numerous door prize and swag items approx 130 car pic magnets, marketing postcards, and $25 gift cert 

Rockstar Kustomz: Smittybilt XRC8 winch 8000lbs, tire repair kits 

Sidetracked Offroad: 6 koozies, pair 4"x6" headlights LED 45W, pair LED Tracker Rock Light II, Tracker 6" dual row LED light bar 

TNA: Suburban/K5 gas tank skid plate 

Warn: winch damper, winching gloves, balloons, 50 key chains w/flashlight, 100 hook straps, 10 hats, stickers, and marketing material

The event kicked off with a group of adventurous individuals doing a night trail run. Unfortunately the pictures in the dark donít turn out the greatest. Blazer Bash was in full swing come Friday morning. 
A meet and greet was set up for Old City Park in Moab. A large number of attendees showed up to enjoy some donuts and take advantage of the early check-in. From there we all headed out to run trails in AreaBFE or take part in the Newby Run on Metal Masher.

AreaBFE (1).jpg (136509 bytes) AreaBFE (2).jpg (428421 bytes) AreaBFE (3).jpg (479984 bytes) AreaBFE (4).jpg (523930 bytes)

The Metal Masher group ended up on the trail for an extended period of time due to some vehicles problems that ultimately led to the K5 being left on the trail. The Offroad Design crew was gracious enough to go back the next morning and help the vehicle owner recover his K5 and then help him get it repaired back at camp.

NewbyRun (1).jpg (527538 bytes) NewbyRun (2).jpg (459106 bytes) NewbyRun (3).jpg (436233 bytes) NewbyRun (4).jpg (407915 bytes)

Another group drove out to the 3D trail area and attempted the tight confines of the Pickle Trail. They had so much fun no one remembered to grab some photos...

Later that evening everyone was fortunate to make it to the Offroad Design BBQ in one piece. The food was delicious, the comradery was great, and the rewards were plentiful. There was a great lineup of rigs on display outside the park.

BBQ (1).jpg (433217 bytes) BBQ (2).JPG (471933 bytes) BBQ (3).JPG (423542 bytes) BBQ (4).JPG (384345 bytes)

The Blazer Bash participants headed out on several trail runs: Chicken Corners, Porcupine Rim, Crack n Back, Golden Spike-Where Eagles Dare, and Rusty Crack. The Crack n Back and Rusty Crack are unique runs Blazer Bash offers. The Crack n Back trail starts out by running Gold Bar Rim and then continuing onto the Golden Spike trail up to the notorious Gold
en Crack. After the Crack we turn around and go back out Gold Bar Rim, hence Crack n Back.

Crack n Back (1).JPG (499977 bytes) Crack n Back (2).JPG (410115 bytes) Crack n Back (3).JPG (437646 bytes) Crack n Back (4).JPG (388305 bytes) Crack n Back (5).JPG (78841 bytes)

The Rusty Crack run starts on a trail near Gold Bar Rim called Rusty Nail. After completing the Rusy Nail trail, the group headed out to the Golden Crack. Once they were done playing in the crack, they went back out on Gold Bar Rim trail.

Rusty Crack (1).jpg (368869 bytes) Rusty Crack (2).jpg (410403 bytes) Rusty Crack (3).jpg (329697 bytes)

The Golden Spike run is the biggest of the event in terms of distance and challenge. Itís not the most technically challenging trail but the challenges are difficult and keep coming throughout the entire run. 
This is why we offer the Crack n Back run that gives participants an opportunity to experience some of the Golden Spike trail without running its entire length of Poison Spider+Golden Spike+Gold Bar Rim. This yearís group opted to add some additional challenge by including the Where Eagles Dare route.

Golden Spike (1).jpg (477424 bytes) Golden Spike (2).jpg (361012 bytes) Golden Spike (3).jpg (409721 bytes) Golden Spike (4).jpg (368178 bytes)

The final day of Blazer Bash the remaining participants split up into 2 groups, Hellís Revenge and Steel Bender. Hellís revenge is an event favorite and a trail we consider a must-do in Moab. It offers difficult obstacles and thrilling scenery. Some of the steep fins are breathtaking, especially for newcomers.

Hell's Revenge (1).jpg (238375 bytes) Hell's Revenge (2).JPG (410166 bytes) Hell's Revenge (3).JPG (430121 bytes) Hell's Revenge (4).JPG (415243 bytes)

Steel Bender is a trail that is near Moab and offers an experience in an area not commonly explored by visitors to the area. The trail offers some difficult climbs and one very intimidating decent off a tall ledge with a steep drop to the right. It is worth experiencing this trail at least once on your travels to Moab.

Steel Bender (1).JPG (436324 bytes) Steel Bender (2).JPG (479494 bytes) Steel Bender (3).jpg (451821 bytes) Steel Bender (4).jpg (435281 bytes)

Hope to see you there next year!