September 8th-10th

September 8th-10th, 2023



BB14: September 5-7 2014

PREMIER PARTNERS: Steve Fox started it all in 2002 and continues to host and the Blazer Bash open discussion forum on the website. We always appreciate everything he does to keep the event going.

Area BFE: Use of lower parking lot for the first day’s gathering and of course the enjoyment of the surrounding trails.

Big Horn Graphics: Donated all of the printed material used for the event including the vendor stickers in the registration packets, event stickers, BBQ banner, and trail run handouts.

Chassis Unlimited: Donated large cache of door prizes. (see below).

DIY4x: Provided several items for the raffle and a large cash donation to help cover event costs.

Offroad Design: The ORD crew prepared and served all the food at this year’s BBQ including homemade brownies for dessert. In addition, they provided numerous door prize/swag items including $400 gift certificate, and helped get people back to camp after a difficult day on the trail.


BigHorn Graphics: 3"x30' ARB recovery strap.

Blazer Bash: (2) Guide to Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails by Charles Wells.

Bushwacker: $250 gift certificate.

Chassis Unlimited: Set of Dana 60 high-steer arms with studs & nuts, (2) battery mounts [Reaper & Function design], (2) Chevy bowtie aluminum hawse fairleads, GM 14 bolt pinion guar, (2) shirts, (16) cut-metal 4x4 themed Christmas ornaments. 10 CK5 ball caps (2) aluminum hawse fairleads, (2) steering box end caps for hydro-assist, (1) aluminum PTO covers for NP205.

Jack Blazer: Offroad Design HD Front Upper Shackle Hangers

King Off-Road Racing Shocks: (40) Bypass shock key chains, shirts, banner, and stickers.

LMC Truck: (20) logo ball caps, pair of Sirius Plus Driving Lights, (2) shirts, stickers.

Morgan Rayl: (4) glasses with Blazer Bash logo etched on them.

Offroad Design: $400 gift certificate.

PowerTank: Complete 10lbs CO2 system, (2) Pro Series Tire Repair Kits, (1) Deluxe inflator, Gift certificates: 50% off Power Tank system, 40% off Power Tank system, and 30% off Power Tank system.

Sidetracked Offroad: 50" LED light bar, Pair of LED Minipods.

The Blu Pig: gift certificate for free food at Moab restaurant.

Tuffy Security Products: $150 gift certificate

Warn: Winch line weight, winch gloves, and (100) winch hook straps.

Western Alternator in Montrose, CO: Small Block Chevy gear reduction starter built in-house.

Westin: Tmaxx recovery kit, (22) logo shirts, ink pens, koozies, catalogs.


The first day of the 2014 Blazer Bash event started off with everyone meeting up at Area BFE. After some time to shoot the breeze and do some early check-ins, the group was hitting the trails. A fairly large group joined the newby run on Flat Iron Mesa. The newby run is a chance for people new to Moab to get their first taste of the trails with the support of more experienced drivers.

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The rest of the Friday group explored the trails around AreaBFE.

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The first day of the event was concluded with the Offroad Design BBQ at Old City Park in Moab. The Offroad Design crew prepared all of the meal including a yummy dessert. Once everyone had their fill of delicious grub, votes were tallied for the Jason Payne Innovative Truck Trophy. This year's winner was Brent Rederick with his well-built 1997 S-10 king cab pickup with link suspension and lots of other goodies. Following that was the raffle drawing for some cool items donated by several generous companies (listed above). We greatly appreciate everything the sponsors donated for this year's event.

BBQ (1).JPG (334826 bytes) BBQ (2).JPG (628301 bytes) BBQ (3).JPG (598656 bytes) BBQ (4).JPG (597406 bytes)


The second day of the 2014 event offered a choice of 4 guided trail runs ranging all around the Moab area. The easiest run took place about 30 miles north and east of Moab off Highway 128 on the Top of the World trail. This group started out at the historic Dewey Bridge site and ended at the "top of the world" on a breathtaking overlook at the end of the trail.

Top of the World (1).JPG (686573 bytes) Top of the World (2).JPG (801592 bytes) Top of the World (3).JPG (864762 bytes) Top of the World (4).JPG (844763 bytes)

Another group of Blazer Bash trail riders headed out on the exclusive Crack n Back trail This trail mostly consists of Gold Bar Rim but also includes a quick hop out to the notorious Golden Crack obstacle on the Golden Spike trail.

Crack n Back (1).jpg (146926 bytes) Crack n Back (2).jpg (118026 bytes) Crack n Back (3).jpg (109536 bytes) Crack n Back (4).jpg (101452 bytes)

The more adventurous and hardy attendees opted to run the demanding Golden Spike trail. This year's group was small and moved smoothly through the trail, so smoothly they dubbed themselves the "Fast Five". However, a word of caution is needed here to let you all know this is not the norm for the Golden Spike trail.

Golden Spike (1).JPG (398297 bytes) Golden Spike (2).JPG (376919 bytes) Golden Spike (3).JPG (213968 bytes) Golden Spike (4).JPG (318722 bytes)

The most difficult trail run for the day was on the ever challenging Pritchett Canyon trail. It lived up to its reputation and provided plenty of hard spots for the group to work through. Everyone made it back to their camps so we count that as a good day on the trail.

Pritchett (1).jpg (529407 bytes) Pritchett (2).jpg (123670 bytes) Pritchett (3).jpg (111693 bytes) Pritchett (4).jpg (78310 bytes)


For the final day of the 2014 event, everyone met up at the City Market in Moab. From there we split into 2 groups, Hell's Revenge and the Powder Puff run on Fins n Things. The group on Hell's Revenge enjoyed the exhilarating climbs up and down the high, narrow fins of slickrock. The trail is good for mildly built trucks as well as the more modified vehicles.

Hell's Revenge (1).jpg (102642 bytes) Hell's Revenge (2).jpg (142128 bytes) Hell's Revenge (3).png (810616 bytes) Hell's Revenge (4).jpg (146273 bytes)

The Powder Puff run on Fins n Things was an opportunity for the ladies to take a turn behind the steering wheel. This trail also features fun, challenging climbs up steep slickrock fins. At the end of the day everyone had fun with the experience. No wrecks and no divorces I think equal a good day on the Powder Puff run.

Powder Puff (1).JPG (739288 bytes) Powder Puff (2).JPG (918766 bytes) Powder Puff (3).JPG (638750 bytes) Powder Puff (4).JPG (703449 bytes)