September 8th-10th

September 8th-10th, 2023



BB13: September 26-29 2013

PREMIER PARTNERS: Steve Fox started it all in 2002 and continues to host and the Blazer Bash open discussion forum on the website. We always appreciate everything he does to keep the event going.

Area BFE: Use of lower parking lot for the first day’s gathering and of course the enjoyment of the surrounding trails. Also raffled Hi-Lift X-Treme jack, PowerTank Pro Series Tire Repair kit, and several pairs of Mechanix gloves for Blazer Bash attendees at Area BFE.

Bill’s Englewood Driveshaft: Spicer u-joints and gift certificates

Big Horn Graphics: Donated all of the printed material used for the event including the vendor stickers in the registration packets, event stickers, BBQ banner, and trail run handouts.

DIY4x: Provided several items for the raffle and a large cash donation to help cover event costs.

Offroad Design: The ORD crew prepared and served all the food at this year’s BBQ including homemade brownies for dessert. In addition, they provided numerous door prize items and helped get people back to camp after a difficult day on the trail.

Slime: Total of $500+ value in door prizes

TNA: Winch cradle, 14 bolt disc brake brackets, shackle flip brackets


Advance Adapters:

ARB 4x4 Accessories: 25% off gift certificate

Ben Fyffe: set of Autometer guages

Bushwacker: Free set of fender flares New logo CK5 ball caps (3) aluminum hawse fairleads, (3) steering box end caps for hydro-assist, (3) aluminum PTO covers for NP205.

Howe Performance Power Steering: shirts, drink tumbler, stainless steel bottle opener

JB Custom Fabrication: Stainless steel NP205 twin-stick kit and (2) shirts

K&N: (2) free hat shirt gift certificates and stickers

King Off-Road Racing Shocks: Bypass shock key chains, logo pens, shirts, banner, and stickers

MasterPull: $100 & $50 gift certificates

Painless Performance Products: 65% off product gift coupon

Paramount Restyling: Billet grill

PowerTank: Complete 10lbs CO2 system, (2) Pro Series Tire Repair Kits, Gift certificates for 50% off Power Tank system, 40% off Power Tank system, and 30% off Power Tank system.

TSM Mfg Co: (2) $50 gift certificates

Sidetracked Offroad: LED light bar

Superwinch: 40% discount code for all attendees

Warn: Tow strap, winch gloves, and (100) winch hook strap


The event started with one small group running a trail in Western Colorado called 21 Road. Offroad Design hosted the day; they call Colorado home and wanted to share some of the beauty of the state with the Blazer Bash attendees.

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Another small group took the scenic drive from Gateway, CO to Moab over the La Sal Mountains.

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The 2nd day of the event consisted of activities and trail runs at the private offroad park, Area BFE. Everyone gathered in the lower parking lot to start the day having some fun on the RTI ramp and participating in the safety inspections. The owners of Area BFE were generous enough to provide several items for raffle at the park.

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Following the raffle, many people enjoyed the trails within Area BFE and another group headed off to experience the fins and ledges on the Fins n Things trail.

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Friday evening was the Offroad Design BBQ at the Old City Park in Moab. Excellent food for over 100 people was prepared and served by Offroad Design, including a yummy dessert. Following dessert, the Jason Payne Memorial trophy was awarded to Sean Huber in his custom crewcab creation. Following that, the raffle drawing was held and prizes were awarded to those lucky enough to have their ticket pulled.

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A total of 4 trail runs were organized for Saturday. Several trucks opted to run the moderately difficult, scenic trail called Backwards Bill. The trail featured parts of 2 other popular trails; Sevenmile Rim and Wipe Out Hill run in the opposite direction from the usual course.

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A big group of rigs had a fun day running what we call the "Crack n Back". The idea is to run Gold Bar Rim trail in to where it meets the Golden Spike trail and from there travel to the famous photo op called Golden Crack. After playing at the Golden Crack, the group headed back down Gold Bar Rim for the return trip; hence the name Crack n Back.

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A third group opted to tackle the ominously named Cliff Hanger trail. It is full of rock obstacles start to finish containing obstacles with names like Rock & Roll, Crooked Ledge, and Z-Turn. The views are unusual and spectacular as you climb up the base of Kane Springs Canyon. As you proceed further down the trail you will end up high above the canyon of the Colorado River.

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Another group ran the Trifecta which consists of 3 trails; Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike, and Gold Bar Rim. All 3 trails are challenging when run independently, but running the 3 together makes it much more difficult and also makes for a very long day. 


There was only one trail run for this day, Behind the Rocks. We split into 3 groups; one that wished to run the trail quickly in well-built rigs, a second group also in well-built rigs but taking things at a slower pace, and a third group of more mildly built rigs that opted to skip a few of the most difficult obstacles. It worked out great and everyone had fun.

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It was a good event and it was a lot of fun to be there this year. We're looking forward to next year's event, September 5th – 7th, 2014.