September 7th-9th

September 9th-11th, 2022



BB12: September 6-9 2012

PREMIER PARTNERS: Steve Fox started it all in 2002 and continues to host and the Blazer Bash open discussion forum on the website. We always appreciate everything he does to keep the event going.

Bill’s Englewood Driveshaft: 3-$100 & 3-$50 gift certificates

Big Horn Graphics: Donated all of the printed material used for the event including the vendor stickers in the registration packets, event stickers, BBQ banner, and trail run handouts.

DIY4x: Provided a bunch of gift certificates for the raffle and a large cash donation to help cover event costs.

Offroad Design: The ORD crew prepared and served all the food at this year’s BBQ including homemade brownies for dessert. In addition, they provided numerous door prize items and helped get people back to camp after a difficult day on the trail.


Brian Perry: Provided cash donation to help cover event costs.

Powell Valley 4 Wheel Drive Club: Provided cash donation to help cover event costs.

DOOR PRIZE DONORS: $150 gift certificate New logo CK5 ball caps

JB Custom Fabrication: Stainless steel NP205 twin-stick kit

MasterPull: $100 & $50 gift certificates

S&S Metal Works: 

Total Metal Innovations: 5 gift certificates


The event started with a small group running a couple of trails in Western Colorado. Offroad Design hosted the day; they call Colorado home and wanted to share some of the beauty of the state with the Blazer Bash attendees. Three trucks ventured down the moderately difficult trail called Bangs Canyon which ends up running along the Colorado River midway through the trail. The other rigs took on the challenge of Billings Canyon, a trail most people put on their list of top 5 most difficult trails in Colorado.


The 2nd day of the event consisted of activities and trail runs at the private offroad park, Area BFE. Everyone gathered in the lower parking lot to start the day having some fun on the RTI ramp and participating in the safety inspections. Stephen Watson from Offroad Design took a group of "newbies" out for a driving clinic. It was a lot of fun and very enlightening for the drivers new to the Moab trails. Most everyone else then headed out to run a few of the trails throughout Area BFE.

Friday evening was the Offroad Design BBQ at the Old City Park in Moab. Excellent food for over 100 people was prepared and served by Offroad Design, including a yummy dessert. Following dessert, the Jason Payne Memorial trophy was awarded to Mike Jaskolski in his 1976 Chevy K5 Blazer. His big block powered blazer made an impression on everyone in attendance. Following that, the raffle drawing was held and prizes were awarded to those lucky enough to have their ticket pulled.


A total of 5 trail runs were organized for Saturday. A few trucks opted to run the moderately difficult, scenic trail called Dome Plateau. The trail featured beautiful canyon views, caves, and old mining relics.

A big group of rigs had a fun day running what we call the "Crack n Back". The idea is to run Gold Bar Rim trail in to where it meets the Golden Spike trail and from there traveling to the infamous Golden Crack. After playing at the Golden Crack, the group headed back down Gold Bar Rim for the return trip; hence the name Crack n Back.

Another large group ran the Trifecta which consists of 3 trails; Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike, and Gold Bar Rim. All 3 trails are challenging when run independently, but running the 3 together makes it much more difficult and also makes for a very long day. Everyone made it off the trail safely albeit well into the dark hours. Despite the long, difficult trail run many bonds and friendships were formed during the day's events.

A couple of trucks opted to take on the challenge of the awe inspiring Moab Rim. As if that wasn't difficult enough, another small group ran both Pritchett Canyon and Moab Rim.


There were 2 trail runs for the final day of Blazer Bash. The first of these was the inaugural Powder Puff run on Metal Masher trailer. A powder puff run is one in which the ladies take a turn behind the wheel navigating the challenges of the trail. At the end of the day everyone had a great time, drivers and passengers alike.

The other group chose the more difficult Pritchett Canyon trail. This trail has some notorious obstacles and it's a very popular run for those looking to be challenged. The group of well built trucks tackled the trail with just a couple of problems, but despite those everyone had a good time and made it off the trail safely.

It was a good event and it was a lot of fun to be there this year. We're looking forward to next year's event, September 26th – 29th, 2012.

Blazer Bash 2012 principle expenses: $1,812 apparel, $1,276.70 insurance premium, $525 BLM permit, $355 SITLA right of entry, $150 Area BFE donation.