September 7th-9th

September 9th-11th, 2022



BB09: September 11-13 2009

PREMIER PARTNERS: Steve Fox started in all in 2002 and continues to host and the Blazer Bash open discussion forum on the website. In addition, (6) 10th Anniversary shirts were donated for the raffle.

Offroad Design: The ORD crew prepared and served all the food at this yearís BBQ including homemade brownies for dessert. In addition, they provided numerous door prize items.

DIY4x: Provided a large cash donation to help cover event costs. They also donated several door prizes including a full set of bolt-in rocksliders, $100 gift certificate clocking ring, traction bar kit, fabricators small parts set, receiver tow point, and several shirts.

Ruffstuff Specialties: Provided a large cash donation to help cover event costs

Big Horn Graphics: Donated all of the printed material used for the event including the vendor stickers in the registration packets, event stickers, BBQ banner, and trail run handouts. They also donated the design work for the shirts, website design, commemorative posters, and door prize items.

Magnum Ink: Donated 50 event shirts in addition to donating items for the raffle including several tool bags, shirts and a bundle of shop rags with the Blazer Bash logo.

Central Towing Dispatch: Provided a cash donation to help cover event costs.

Colorado Canyon Crawlers: Provided large cash donation to help cover event costs. Donated the trail leader custom embroidered caps. $100 gift certificate

Advance Adapters: $150 gift certificate 14blt axle truss

High Angle Driveline: $100 gift certificate

JB Custom Fabrication: Stainless steel NP205 twin-stick kit, snatch block, several shirts ported steering gear box cap and NP205 shift rails for twin-stick

Rust Bullet: (2) Double Shot starter packs, (2) custom Blazer Bash posters, and (2) shirts

Summit Racing: (6) hats and (2) $25 gift cards

The Street Rod Manufacturing Company (TSM): (2) $50 gift certificates

Vegas Valley 4-Wheelers: (2) certificates good for free admission to the 29th Annual Hump-N-Bump.

Warn: Winch gloves and 30í recovery strap



Hellís Revenge
Two groups of trucks attacked the classic slick rock trail located just outside of Moab.

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Gold Bar Rim
6 trucks enjoyed the scenery and challenges on this trail located north of Moab. A few repairs were accomplished on the trail to ensure everyone made it off the trail ready to hit the BBQ.

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Metal Masher
Several rigs finished this trail without incident including a couple of trucks that conquered the infamous Widow Maker.

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Friday concluded with the BBQ held at the Old City Park located inside Moab city limits. Over 100 people were served delicious food accompanied with great conversation and camaraderie. Jason Payneís Memorial Innovative Truck Trophy was awarded to Scott Moulding and his well-built crewcab. The night concluded with the raffle drawing


Sevenmile Rim
4 trucks traversed this scenic trail located north of Moab. It was an uneventful day that had the group back to town with plenty of time to relax and enjoy dinner.

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Flat Iron Mesa
Just 3 trucks opted to run this trail in the reverse direction. It was a beautiful day and everyone made it back to camp without trouble in the late afternoon.

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One of the most popular runs of BB09, 2 groups of trucks completed the Golden Spike run we call the Trifecta consisting of a portion of Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike, and Gold Bar Rim. A smaller group of truck finished all the trails in record time making it back in time for dinner. The other group had a few vehicle repair sessions on the trail and didnít make it back until after 1AM.

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Pritchett Canyon
Another popular trail run for Blazer Bash, Pritchett Canyon, lived up to its reputation. With a few difficulties, this group made it back after dinner Saturday evening.

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By the time the final day of the event arrived, many people had chosen to take a day off from running trails. The few remaining trucks all met in the City Market parking lot to decide exactly what they wanted to try Sunday.


Potash Road/Shafer Switchbacks
2 trucks finished this scenic trail that exits out through Canyonlands National Park. It was an uneventful day full of awe-inspiring scenery that makes you want to come back to the Moab area.

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Strike Ravine
Heading south of Moab, four K5ís decided to tackle the Strike Ravine trail. A few minor truck problems were easily fixed on the trail and everyone was back in town to finish the final day of the event in time for dinner.

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